What is Spate?

Spate is a 2.5D platformer set in a rich steampunk world.

The game plays very much like the classic platformers of our youth mixed with some interesting new ideas.  It's set in a steampunk world where you play as private Detective Bluth. Detective Bluth is hired to track down a businessman who was last seen entering a forbidden zone known as the Xzone. As the story goes on, we learn that Detective Bluth has a secret of his own and we learn that this investigation may mean more to him then just a paycheck. 

Some of the games inspiration...

Some of the things I've focused on from the beginning have been to create a dark, rainy world, that sucks the player In. To make the game feel cinematic but not slow things down. To surround the player with a comedic murder mystery set in a rich steam punk world. And finally, to have familiar controls and gameplay that avoid annoying gimmicks.

The Trailer

How am I making this bad boy?

I'm using the Unity3D game engine. Unity is widely used and has a wonderful community behind it.

What do I plan to do with your hard earned money?

Spate is a very ambitious project and I have hit the point were a chubby guy sitting at his computer once his wife and daughter are in bed just isn't cutting it. To finish this juggernaut, I need to be able to hire some people to help scale up the games production values. I also need to purchase some software, as well as Unity assets, packages, and plugins to enhance the look and feel of the game.

Here are a few more things I plan on using the funding for.

I kid, I kid =) Maybe.

Beyond the funding goal?

Any funding beyond the projects goal will be used to continue taking the games production values to a higher level. To potentially port the game to other platforms (IOS, Mac, Xbox Indies, etc). And to help spread the word of Spate.

Here are some things that you will NOT find in the video game Spate.







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